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Abrmr is a site of global academy based on business and retail management which founded in London in 2006.The aim of this academy site is to inspire, recognize and support excellence in business and retail management. The academy has three main area.

These are:

Producing four academic journals, Organize an international conference, offering training program and Offering training program to contribute in academic debate and research.

The Academy of Business and Retail Management (ABRM) seeks to contribute to progress and prosperity through research and managerial excellence. It publishes prominent academic journals each year, as well as organizing international academic conferences and delivering high impact training. ABRM is committed to advancing research, education, theory and practice in the field of management. Its various journals provide a respected vehicle for theoretical insights and developments in the field of business, management and economic development. Articles published in these journals empirically examine theory-based knowledge. Its conferences are truly international and aspire to nurture young aspiring academics and well as to ensure interaction with some of the finest minds from academia. ABRM is committed to working to uphold the highest standards of probity and academic rigor in all that its endeavors.

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